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Skymeadow Farm is located on beautiful Whidbey Island, which is about 40 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington in the USA. 
We have been Showing our English and French Bulldog puppies and adults in AKC sponsored shows for several years and have many Champions to show for it.
We pride ourselves in the quality of puppies we produce. We breed to improve the standard and keep the wonderful personalities of the French and English Bulldog breeds.
You can see our English And French Bulldog breeding stock by visiting our Sires and Dams section.

Click here to view our photo gallery of puppies and you can see the puppies that we have available for sale at this time. We update this section daily or as puppies sell or are added.

We sell both show and pet quality puppies. Pet quality puppies sell with limited AKC registrations and a spay or neuter contract. AKC papers will not be released until we receive a verification of the spaying or neutering from your Vet. 

Show quality puppies sell with full AKC registrations

After you view what we have to offer, if you have any questions simply "click" on any of the various Contact Us icons appearing throughout this website. Your questions will be answered promptly.

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To view some of our happy puppies in their new homes and see some comments from our customers

English Bulldog
Sires & Dams

CH Skymeadow's Incredible Norton

The English Bulldog is a courageous, kind, loving, and good natured loyal family dog.
The perfect Bulldog must be of Medium size 50 pounds plus or minus for the males and 40 pounds plus or minus for females.
The coat is smooth and the body low-swung muscular, with a short neck and massive short faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs, with a rolling gait.
Bulldogs can not swim and do not tolerate excessive heat or cold, they are an inside dogs. They do not drool, but may snore.
These are great companion dogs and the perfect dog for a laid back life style, short walks, sitting by the fire with you while you read a book, or just share watching TV from that favorite couch or chair.


French Bulldog
Sires & Dams


The French Bulldog is an intelligent, muscular dog with heavy bone, short coated and the skin is soft and loose. Large erect rounded bat ears set high on the head. Well proportioned, the dog should appear compact and balanced.
French Bulldogs should not weight more than 28 pounds if you plan on showing. Dogs weighing more than 28 pounds will be disqualified.
French Bulldogs make great family dogs and wonderful companions. They are well behaved, happy dogs with great personalities. Good with children, not unduly boisterous (not a barky dog).
Just as it's cousin the English Bulldog dog, they are not good swimmers and can not take excessive heat or cold. 


AKC Certificate of Inspection

Our American Kennel Club
Certificate of Inspection

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Farm Fresh Brown


Farm Fresh Brown & Green Eggs
Organic and Natural

All of our chicken are cage free and get fresh garden produce.
Sold at our Farm and at several local stores.

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