Our eggs are farm fresh daily. Our girls are little egg machines.

 Shipping is available.

​ We have a Washington State Egg Handlers license and have a closed flock.

 We sell packaged by the dozen, 18 count or more, you decide.

​ Quail eggs are excellent fried, scrambled, hard boiled for a little snack, put in egg drop soup or any soup,. Pickled is my favorite or, try smoking the hard boiled eggs or pickled eggs in your smoker for a wonderful flavor. 

 I love pickled in salads, as a snack or in my martini at night. Instructions below

Place the open oval end over the narrow end of the egg and just cut. Then just pour the egg out of the opening. Easy, clean and quick. No more messy cracking

12 eggs  $3.25 plus shipping

18 eggs  $4.80 plus shipping

24 eggs  $6.30 plus shipping

36 eggs  $9.25 plus shipping 

Our first hatch of 3/3/2018 More to come. Place your order for future hatches 

​We have a closed flock

We have Cortunix eggs for hatching and eating.


​Quail egg cutters $2.00 shipped with an egg order. $3.25 plus shipping if order alone.

        Email for pricing over 36 eggs  skymdw@whidbey.com

Chicks available in the spring. order ahead. Straight run only $2.00 each. Picked up at farm. Shipping available soon.

Easy pickled Quail eggs.

Take you favorite brand of dill pickles, once all pickles are gone just put hard boiled quail eggs into the dill juice, wait about three weeks then eat or use in whatever you like.