French Bulldog puppies and adults can no longer be shipped by air so all buyers will be required to pick up their puppy or adult here.

French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is an intelligent, muscular dog with heavy bone, short coated and the skin is soft and loose.  Large erect rounded bat ears set high on the head.  Well proportioned, the dog should appear compact and balanced.  French Bulldogs should not weigh more than the AKC standard of 28 pounds if the dog is to be shown.  If the dog is more than 28 pounds it will be disqualified.

French Bulldogs make great family dogs and wonderful companions.  They are will behaved, happy dogs with great personalities.  Good with children, not unduly boisterous (not a barky dog).

Just as it's cousin the English Bulldog, they are not good swimmers and can not take excessive heat or cold.