Skymeadow Farm started as a farm long before it became Skymeadow Farm.

Back in 1971 we purchased the land we are still on. We started growning and producing our own meats, vegetables, fruits and eggs.

 My girls grew up caring for their own animals and helping with the farm chores and activities. 4-H was a BIG part of our lives. I personally was a 4-H leader for 12 plus years. 

 In 1983 we gave our farm a name. It became Skymeadow Farm. We still grow our own vegetables, fruits, some of our meat, and produce eggs both chicken and quail.

 The farm has been good to us. My girls all grew to be GREAT adults.  They have what I would consider perfect children but I must admit I am predjudice. even our Great Granddaughter is perfect. Yep we did OK.

 Skymeadow Farm strides to produce the best Lamb and Eggs. We grow a lot of Rhubarb and Red Currents which are available at the farm in season. We have also shipped these.

 Quail eggs are our newest product, they are tasty. I love to pickle them which is very easy and they are great in salads or in a Martini at the end of a long day.

 There is nothing better than a few quail eggs fired up for breakfast or boiled up for a snack. 

  We also sell quail eggs for hatching so you can have your own flock. 

 Our Lamb is the best around, bred for its mild flavor and no game taste. We are very selective in our breeding to produce the best meat. Our sheep are out on pasture daily and fed the best high quality hay and natural grains,  they are also fed downfall produce.

​We at Skymeadow Farm Thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy our website.