Male puppies that are sold to a purchaser with the knowledge that the puppy will be shown or used for breeding later in life are guaranteed to have both testicles drop by the age of twelve months.  All other males may be sold with limited pedigree and with no such guarantee.  If those male puppies sold for the purpose of breeding or showing, in which both testicles do not drop and the buyer intends to request a replacement puppy, the buyer must notify Skymeadow Farm in writing before the puppy is twelve months old.  No replacement will be offered until the puppy is a full twelve months old.  Verification of the above condition must be submitted to Skymeadow Farm in writing by a licensed veterinarian.  Skymeadow Farm may request the return of the original puppy at the buyer's expense or leave the original puppy with the buyer for a negotiated fee, at Skymeadow Farm's option.  If the original puppy is left with the buyer, the original puppy must be neutered with proof of the neutering sent to Skymeadow Farm by a licensed veterinarian.  Failure to do so will VOID the guarantee on the replacement puppy. 

I have read and understand Skymeadow Farm's Puppy Guarantee (above) and agree to abide by its terms and conditions.

Puppy Purchaser:



For the purpose of this Guarantee the following terms will be used:

"Seller", "Skymeadow" or "Skymeadow Farm" will refer to Skymeadow Farm, the seller of the puppy.  The terms "Buyer", "Customer" and "Oringinal Owner" will refer to the original purchaser of the puppy.  The terms "Veterinarian" or "Licensed Veterinarion" will refer to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or veterinary clinic licensed and accredited by the state in which the practitioner or clinic is located.


____  I DO intend to show or use this puppy for breeding purposes.

____  I DO NOT intend to show or use this puppy for breeding purposes.  Will be a pet only.


​Skymeadow Farm guarantees all puppies sold by it to be free from communicable diseases at the time of sale only.  All puppies sold will be current on all puppy shots as of the date of sale and will have been recently wormed.

We guarantee all puppies sold by us to remain free from life threatening congenital defects for the period of One Year from the date of birth.

All puppies will be given a Veterinarian examination before ownership is transferred to the buyer and will come with a State of Washington Health Certificate signed by our veterinarian if shipped.  All available health and vaccination records for the puppy will be mailed to the new owner soon after the puppy is shipped or picked up at farm.

The buyer will have 7 days from the time they receive their puppy to have it examined by a veterinarian of their choice.  Buyers will be provided with a "Puppy Health Check and Veterinary Release Form" which must be completed and signed by a licensed veterinarian of the buyer's choice when the puppy has the above examination.  Failure to have this form signed by a veterinarian and returned to Skymeadow Farm will VOID the Puppy Guarantee.

The following minimum conditions must be met in order for this Puppy Guarantee to remain in effect for the period stated.

1.  The puppy must receive veterinary care at periodic intervals to include but not be limited to regular health check-ups, worming and the continuation of the vaccination series which has already been started.

2.  The puppy is to receive suitable, daily rations of high quality food and clean water to keep it well nourished and resistant to sickness.

3.  The puppy is to be housed in a suitable shelter typical for its breed and be kept protected from both extreme weather conditions and other hazards such as predators.

In the unlikely event that your puppy is discovered to have serious genetic defect within the guarantee period, you must contact us in writing outlining the defect immediately upon its discovery.  After your puppy has been examined by a veterinarian of our choosing and that practitioner confirms the serious genetic defect, we will replace your original puppy with one of the same breed and sex which we feel has equal value to that of your original puppy.

In all cases where there is going to be a replacement puppy given, Skymeadow Farm reserves the right to either have the original puppy returned to Skymeadow Farm or leave the original puppy with the buyer for a negotiated fee, at our option.  If the original puppy is left with the buyer, the original puppy must be spayed or neutered by the owner within 30 days after that decision is made.  Proof from a licensed veterinarian that the original puppy has been spayed or neutered must be furnished in writing to Skymeadow Farm.

Replacement puppies delivered under this Guarantee will be covered by the same guarantee as the original puppy.

Skymeadow Farm will not be responsible for any third party veterinary or laboratory bills incurred by you at any time.

Any health disputes regarding your puppy which may occur will be presented to Skymeadow Farm's veterinarian who will make the final decisions or determinations on such issues.

The puppies covered under this guarantee are subject to replacement only.  There will be no full or partial refunds given.  All expenses incurred by the buyer on returning any puppy to Skymeadow Farm, except as expressly contained herein to the contrary, will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Replacement puppies may be picked up from us at Skymeadow Farm or they will be shipped to the buyer at the buyer's expense.

This Gauaranttee accrues to the benefit of the original purchaser only.  It is not transferable and will become null and void if any interest in the puppy is sold, leased, in any other way transferred to a third party or if the puppy is no longer under the direct care, custody and control of the original buyer unless permission to do so in writing has first been obtained for Skymeadow Farm.