Our quail eggs are farm fresh. Our girls are little egg machines.

​ We have a Washington State Egg Handlers license and have a closed flock.

​ Quail eggs are excellent fried, scrambled, hard boiled for a little snack. They can also be put in egg drop soup or any soup,. Pickled is my favorite or, try smoking the hard boiled eggs or pickled eggs in your smoker for a wonderful flavor. 

 I love pickled quail eggs in salads, as a snack or in my martini at night. Instructions below

We do have  Quail eggs available from time to time.Call for ahead so that we can make sure to have the quantity you want when you arrive 1-360-499-9069

 Email if you are interested on Quail as a hobby or for eggs for producing your own quail.


Place the open oval end over the narrow end of the egg and just cut. Then just pour the egg out of the opening. Easy, clean and quick. No more messy cracking

Easy pickled Quail eggs.

Take you favorite brand of dill pickles, once all pickles are gone just put hard boiled quail eggs into the dill juice, wait about three weeks then eat or use then however you wish.

I prefer to make my dilled quail eggs in my homemade dill pickle brine from the dill pickles that I make with my family every year. We have a pickle making weekend


​Quail egg cutters are a must for all quail breeders and producers available form Amazon

I have found quail delightful to breed and raise for eggs 

We have Cortunix eggs for hatching and eating.


​​​​​​​ The Pharaoh Coturnix quail are mature after 8 weeks of age and are full grown at 10 weeks of age.  The hens start laying at 8 to 10 weeks. They are very easy to keep but need to be kept in cages above the ground or in secure ground cages. Pharaoh Coturnix like to take dust baths in hot weather.

 The eggs are high in protein, contain good cholesterol, and have a high concentration of minerals and vitamins.
Comparing quail eggs to chicken eggs, one quail egg contains six times more vitamin B1, and 15 times more vitamin B2. The quail eggs also contains iron, folate, pantotheric acid, phosphorus, riboflavin and selenium.

The Coturnix quail eggs have also proven to be very beneficial in fighting more than 300 diseases. A protein component in the eggs is extracted to make vaccines.

Quail eggs do not contain salmonella, as chicken eggs sometimes might, because of the increased amount of lysozyme which kills the bacteria. The raw eggs contribute to stomach health. You can add one or two raw eggs to a protein shake, a smoothie or juice.

The early Egyptians and Chinese used the quail eggs to treat many health problems. Since 1967 they've been used to treat asthma, impotence and numerous allergies.