Skymeadow Farm started as a farm long before it became Skymeadow Farm.

It started back in 1970 with a beautiful section of heaven, the land we purchased on Whidbey Island, We started growing and producing our own meats, vegetables, fruits and eggs.

 My girls grew up caring for their own animals and helping with the farm chores and activities. 4-H was a BIG part of our lives. I personally was a 4-H leader for 12 plus years. 

 In 1983 we gave our farm a name. It became Skymeadow Farm. We still grow our own vegetables, fruits, some of our own meat, and produce both chicken and quail eggs.

​We at Skymeadow Farm Thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy our website.

 We will still raise and grown our own food, but the girls are grown and have move away and have their own famlies.

 Being able to produce you own food is very rewarding, especially in these days of unknow  Knowing that what you produce is healthy and grown with love and no chemicals is comforting.

 If you have any questions maybe we can help answer those and you can start your own gardens or small farms.