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​Skymeadow Farm Kennel

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Skymeadow Farm a small family farm where we raise our own sheep, chickens and produce our own eggs along with vegetables and fruit. We have downsized our flock of sheep for now. Our small flock of chickens and quial are all excited about getting new living quarters. I will be ordering them new premade easy to clean homes.


We wish to thank all of you, that have purchased puppies in the past and those that will be purchasing in the future.  We are classified as one of the TOP Breeders in Washington State. We are sold out right now but will have more on the way soon.

Skymeadow Farm has been a registered farm since 1983, we have been farming and selling our farm produce since 1970. We have cut back on some aspects of our farming.  A smaller flock of sheep that is easier to manage is one change.  Easy to clean new barns for the Chickens and Quail is another We will still have our family of Cortunix quail and chickens but the cleanup will be easier and faster. 

 We are in the process of designing parts of our website so be sure to check out our other pages. 

 Our puppy pages will be back soon. You can see past puppies and owners in the photo gallery, also some great farm pictures too.

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