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​Skymeadow Farm

P.O.Box 100

Freeland, Wa 98249


Business and cell phone


Skymeadow Farm will be moving to our new location very soon

We wish to thank all of you, that have purchased puppies in the past and those that will be purchasing in the future

Thanks to some very good friends and fellow dog breeders we do have some puppies available and will have more available in the near future.  Until we are relocated they will be caring for and dealing with some of our breeding dogs and puppies

Skymeadow Farm has been a registered farm since 1983, we have been farming and selling our farm produce since 1970. Our unexpected,  unplanned move to our new place will be soon. Some of our sheep will be going with us as well as our family of quail. 

 Be sure to check out our other pages and they will be up soon

Our French and English Bulldog breeding operation will be up and running in our new home soon. contact us for more information

​We thank you for your patience.

We will have a new PO Box soon